Westfalia supplies prime-quality fresh mangoes to various retailers in different geographies. Cultivars available according to season include Keitt, Kent, Heidi, Sensation and Tommy Atkins, which can be supplied ripe and ready to eat by Westfalia, thanks to its ripening expertise.

Sourcing mangoes from reputable growers across the globe enables Westfalia to extend the supply window as far as possible and helps ensure customer expectations are met.

Mango Cultivars

Westfalia Fruit offers three club mango varieties to the South African mango-growing community. These cultivars – namely Shelly™, Princess™ and HoneyGold™ – are all protected by plant breeders’ rights and managed under a club system.



  • Mid to late season, slightly early than Kent and origins from Israel.
  • Very attractive, good red blush, smooth skin.
  • Medium fruit (410 ± 110 g) with an apple-like shape, fruit width ± 110% of length.
  • Deep yellow in coloured mango, very firm with little fibre and has a mild, sweet flavour.
  • Shelf life is very good.
  • The trees are moderately vigorous. Upright growing with open canopy.
  • Characteristics: Taste, flesh and skin colour, shelf-life.



  • Late season, similar to Keitt and origins from South Africa.
  • Very attractive, crimson blush, smooth skin.
  • Medium to small fruit (350+/-70g), oval shaped.
  • Deep yellow in coloured mango, firm, little fibre and the has a mild, sweet flavour.
  • Crimson blush on a yellow ground colour, blush extends over 50-85% of fruit.
  • The trees are vigorous. Upright growing with moderately dense canopy.
  • Characteristics: Fruit size, skin colour.



  • Mid season, between Tommy Atkins and Kent and origins from Australia.
  • Very attractive, golden yellow colour, smooth skin.
  • Large ovate oblong shape fruit.
  • Yellow coloured mango, firm, little to no fibre and has a pleasant, sweet with a hint of tartness flavour.
  • Resistant to sapburn.
  • The trees are small and compact with a dense, round canopy.
  • Characteristics: Taste, flesh colour.​​



Mango Cultivars - Tommy Atkins

  • Early cultivar
  • Large fruit (450 to 700 g) with an ovoid to slightly oblong shape
  • Shelf life is good
  • Well-coloured mango with an exceptional red colour
  • Has a mild, sweet flavour
  • A small to medium-sized mango
  • It has a green colour with purple to red tinges
  • The sensation has firm flesh
  • It has a sweet flavour and is fibreless
  • Medium to large-size
  • Very attractive yellow and red colour
  • Succulent sweet flesh and unique mango flavour
  • Heart Shaped

Mango Cultivars - Kent

  • Medium-to-large size
  • Very attractive yellow and red coloured
  • Succulent sweet flesh and unique mango flavour
  • Heart shaped
  • A large mango with a small pip
  • It has a green to pale red colour
  • The skin of this cultivar also remains predominantly green even when ripe and ready to eat